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Striving to give every child of Haiti a chance at a promising future.

Striving to give every child of Haiti a chance at a promising future.

Our Mission

The Timoun Lakay Foundation (TLF) strives to make a positive change in the lives of disadvantaged children in Haiti through financial and in-kind contributions to help improve their quality of life and increase their chances at a future filled with promise.

Our Vision

TLF envisions a Haiti in which boys and girls:

  • Have access to quality education and services to help them reach their full potential

  • Have the ability to make healthy and informed choices about their lives to actively integrate into society with pride and dignity.
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Haiti Through My Eyes.

Written by Christine Perrault

The last time I was in Haiti was in 2002… way before the earthquake, and I was anxious as to what I would encounter when I arrived there.     Getting off the plane we are first greeted by a band and secondly by mosquitoes; they are everywhere.     I remember the poverty and the vast amount of people from my last visit, but it seems as if the population in Port au Prince has doubled.  There are so many cars on the road, traffic is horrible, and now there are tents everywhere.   I’m both excited and nervous about driving around the city.

Our first visit is to POUCHINO  school in Delmas.  The students are assembled in a room and are singing when we arrive.   It’s totally surreal that this is happening; Rachelle tears as the kids greet us.  POUCHINO is one of the school that TLF helps by donating school supplies and equipment. The students are happy to see us and are animated with their questions.  They laugh at my accent but are eager to learn phrases in English.    It was an AMAZING visit!!   I left smiling,  knowing that TLF had some positive effect on these children’s lives…

We go to St. Marc the next day to visit two sites.  The first site is a prospective site, a school started by a pastor " Roberval International Care Ministies".    Even though it’s a holiday, the children are there waiting for us.     There school consists of tin shack, with a USA donated tarp as its ceiling.    The Pastor is trying to build a permanent location next door, and is looking to TLF for help.    I’m struck at how little they have and listen to the kids request to school supplies such as notebooks and pencils.   These children want to learn, but it is difficult to, with all grades in one room under a leaky roof with no supplies.   I don’t leave happy like I did the day before.  I’m starting to feel a little overwhelmed.

Our next site in St. Marc is a canteen by the ocean "Mission Maconnique de saint Jean".  We get there in time to help distribute food to the approximately 75 children they feed a day.   I connect with one little girl, and she follows me outside so she can have the “blanc” feed her.      I leave here feeling a better than I did leaving Pastor’s school.     Could it be I connect more with these kids because I know TLF had some impact on them?

Getting to our last site was and adventure,  but once we arrived to "Foundation des Enfants Vulneralble de Pestel" in Pestel, it was worth all the hassle it took to get there.   As in all our visits, the kids are assembled waiting for us and we are greeted by a welcome song.  TLF is helping this site with monetary donations as well as food and clothing.    They are using the donated money to get bunk beds built.   After our tour of their facility, we are brought to their church/meeting place at the center of their village, where we meet some of the elders in their community.   I am struck by the spirit of these elders.   Even though they have lived a hard life, they are happy to see us, and clamor to get one of my “photos” (business cards).

Throughout my visit in Haiti, I couldn’t help notice the psyche of the Haitian people, my people.     Their standard of living is something most Americans can not even imagine.  In addition to this they have been inundated with hardship and tragedy; the political violence, hurricanes, floods and let’s not forget the earthquake.   Despite all this, they follow the notion that “God does not give you more that what you can handle”    They are a strong people who continue to persevere.   It’s wonderful that there are organizations such as TLF that are here to help them with their struggles.

I’m happy to have a small part in this.

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