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Striving to give every child of Haiti a chance at a promising future.

Striving to give every child of Haiti a chance at a promising future.

Our Mission

The Timoun Lakay Foundation (TLF) strives to make a positive change in the lives of disadvantaged children in Haiti through financial and in-kind contributions to help improve their quality of life and increase their chances at a future filled with promise.

Our Vision

TLF envisions a Haiti in which boys and girls:

  • Have access to quality education and services to help them reach their full potential

  • Have the ability to make healthy and informed choices about their lives to actively integrate into society with pride and dignity.
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During the month of May members and volunteers traveled to Haiti to conduct site  inspections and evaluations.  We visited the children from the schools, orphanages and canteens that you are selflessly assisting.  We traveled from North to South, viewed the country scenery and experienced the Haitian people’s way of living in the outskirts of Haiti. We had heart-touching moments, talked, ate, fed and shared stories with the children and the local residents.  More so, we brought a sense of hope and inspired them to achieve greatness.

But it wasn’t all fun and games, we witnessed their suffering and heard their voices, it was loud and clear: “Help us.”  We were humbled by their eternal thankfulness. We heard them cry, we felt their pain and saw their tears; at that moment our mission and purpose were reinforced: continue our efforts to give each child a chance at a promising future.The children have such an amazing thirst for education. They are pleading for better buildings, classrooms, equipment and supplies.  The teachers look for resources to better and further educate the children.

Parents and orphanages seek assistance with food and  proper nutrition.  The elders are hungry.This year, through your kind support and donations, TLF has managed to allocate over $8000.00 US towards food, classroom equipment, beds and mattresses. All the items are purchased and built in Haiti.  The schools, orphanages and canteens that are being supported by TLF  this year (2011) are ( School Pouchino, Foundation des Enfants Vulnerable de Pestel, Roberval International Care Ministries and Mission Macionnique de Saint Jean)  located in Port-au-Prince, Saint Mac, and Pestel.

With your support TLF will remain committed to the children in Haiti and will continue to raise awareness of their plight.

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