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Striving to give every child of Haiti a chance at a promising future.

Striving to give every child of Haiti a chance at a promising future.

Our Mission

The Timoun Lakay Foundation (TLF) strives to make a positive change in the lives of disadvantaged children in Haiti through financial and in-kind contributions to help improve their quality of life and increase their chances at a future filled with promise.

Our Vision

TLF envisions a Haiti in which boys and girls:

  • Have access to quality education and services to help them reach their full potential

  • Have the ability to make healthy and informed choices about their lives to actively integrate into society with pride and dignity.
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Silent, But Active

Dear Supporters,

Timoun Lakay Foundation (TLF) has been actively monitoring the work in Haiti that you have pledged to support with your donations. We remain committed in supporting and improving the lives of children of Haiti.

To date TLF has assisted the Roberval International Care Ministries (RICMI), a school that educates 180 students, from pre-school to seventh grade, in the province of Saint Marc, Haiti (located north of Port-au-prince).  Your donations have helped them built 15 school benches and tables for their students, obtain school supplies, a classroom cabinet, cooking supplies, and provide overall improvements to the classroom conditions for these young scholars.  Additionally,  we are proud to announce that your kind support enabled TLF to guide and assist the RICMI in starting a hot food program (TLF’s “Hot Meal” program) where every student and teacher receives a hot plate of food.  They are currently able to provide three days a week.  The goal is to  provide a hot meal daily throughout their summer school program.  A total of $ 2000.00USD was contributed toward supporting this school this year. Our goal is to almost triple the yearly contribution to $ 5000.00USD towards the food program and improving the classroom conditions.

Fondation des Enfants vulnerable de Pestel (FEVP - Foundation for the vulnerable children of Pestel) is a local foundation who works to assist disadvantage children and elders in the community of Pestel, Haiti (Grand D’anse).  With your contributions we have assisted them in reaching 150 people in their community with food and in-kind donations.  TLF contributed a total of $ 2000.00USD to build bunk beds for the orphans that they house.  To date a total of six wooden beds are built.

TLF has, and continues, to assist the  Mission Maçonnique de Saint Jean (MMSJ), an education and meal program for 75 disadvantaged kids aged 4 to 12 from  a one-room house in Saint-Marc, Haiti (a coastal town about 100 kilometers north of Port-au-Prince) with food donations.  They provide a daily hot meal to those children.

Institute Grace Flore (IGF) a primary and secondary school for 180 students in the  Place Jeremie area of Port-au-Prince has also benefited from our food donations and school supplies.  The institute’s needs have increased do to their management of the orphanage La Creche, located in Lalue Port-au-Prince, they currently house 30 children.  Timoun Lakay Foundation is  committed in replicating the Hot Meal program for the orphanage. So far a $2000.00 donation as been allocated.

Finally, A total of $ 2000.00USD has been used to purchase food to benefit the following agencies and communities:  FEVP, MMSJ and  IGF .

This year, the goals of  the Timoun Lakay Foundation are to continue to develop the Hot Meal program and implement a pilot scholarship program that would assist underprivileged children to have access to quality educational programs by paying for their annual tuition and providing them with school supplies.

Your commitment and support to TLF helps make this all possible.  You've opened your eyes, you've seen our children, now  reach out and touch them with a small amount of financial support.

A heartfelt thanks to you for your trust and support!


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