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Striving to give every child of Haiti a chance at a promising future.

Striving to give every child of Haiti a chance at a promising future.

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The TLF Initiative


Founder Rachelle Sylvain-Spence had the lifelong dream and compelling desire to give back to her Haitian Community and help give its needy and vulnerable children a chance at a life filled with promise.

For many years, she had a vision and became increasingly concerned about the plight of her people. She dedicated time and energy to finding a solution.

She knew and understood how her ancestors had fought and struggled very hard to ensure their country’s liberty, freedom and independence. Yet instead of moving forward towards development like many others, Haiti’s progress quickly regressed and this once beautiful and powerful land has now become known as the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. A country plagued by political unrest, insecurity, delinquency and violence, for many years now.

Many have tried and promised to help get the country out of its dire circumstances. The majority failed. A distinct few, continue to this day with their struggle to try and make a positive difference, however, obtaining continuous and unwavering support is a difficult feat.

In the midst of it all, the small children who are the future of the country, the ones who can grow up to establish much needed change, and help the country emerge once again into what it once was, these innocent children are the ones paying the very high price caused by their unfortunate conditions. The disadvantaged and vulnerable children of Haiti are the ones suffering the most, and sadly they have become the forgotten children of Haiti.


This realization is what compelled Rachelle Sylvain-Spence to reach out to a few close friends; inspiring and dedicated women, who shared the same vision and dreams for Haiti: Frederica Stines, Nancy Ferailleur, Ife Changa Ford and Anna George. The conclusion was then clear: help the children and help Haiti. Give each child a well-deserved chance at a normal life; place them on the right path to a promising future, arm them with the opportunity to progress with pride and integrity. They are the ones who will make Haiti what it once was, La Perle des Antilles (the Pearl of the Caribbean).

Shortly there after, the idea for Timoun Lakay Foundation came together.


Today, Timoun Lakay Foundation is well on its way to making a significant difference in the lives of the disadvantaged children of Haiti. With the help of caring and concerned individuals, businesses, corporations, any and everyone interested in making a difference and making this world a better place for some very special children, Timoun Lakay will succeed and start a much needed movement to change the tides for Haiti and its people.

“It does not suffice to point out and criticize what is or what was done by others, it is imperative to concentrate our collective efforts into what CAN be done! With compassion, determination and faith, if we each do our part, we will, as a whole, prevail.”

Timoun Lakay Foundation

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